Sahara Desert

I was in Brazil less than a month after coming back from Morocco and had the opportunity to go back there, this time to go camping in the Sahara Desert.

I couldn’t resist, packed up my semi ready stuff and went after what keeps me alive: fun, challenge and adventure. The trip overcomes all my expectations. The desert is the place where you can find peace in the virgin sand for miles till you lose the horizon and the sunset brighter day after day.

Obviously it was about calm, so with two Portuguese plus four Norwegian friends I went after good waves breaking lonely, waiting for us.

To make it happen we rented two tough 4×4 to ride along the desert coast. Inside the trunk, our camping tent, wood, pots and pans, lots of water, food, warm clothing, among other essential items to have when there’s nothing around you.

Between the crowdless sessions, we prepared our “brunner” meal in the firewood, once in a big while you’ll cross with fisherman from the desert who’ll sale some fish or trade them for fruits, but just in case keep you cooler fulfilled.
In the middle of our trip, of course our car broke to increase the thrill and as the tide rises for women desperation and men’s fun, but how always things go alright, the 4wd was fixed, slow almost stopping, but got away from the risky zone, we made our camping right there.

It was 6 days exploring the Desert, practicing stuff detachment. Laptops, iPods and iPhones got discharged, we hadn’t signal, internet? Don’t even think about it… We even disconnected from our hygiene daily habits, going to “the bathroom” was a mission, but everything is a habit matter, see the sand below and the sky above turned into fun. Shower? Don’t think either… the salty water was what was keeping me clean, but I confess I brought with myself my John Frieda, kerastase and effaclar and took one “cat shower” with a bit of clean plus a bit of salt water, mixing up everything I was almost clean.

Rough? Sure! Again? And again!

Hints: wetsuits, lots of food and water, gas, wood, matches and alcohol, warm clothes.

Car rent: La Point

Fly cheap: Iberia