Morroco by a female

Morocco is a hard to describe country. Religious, dangerous, cold water and a not so receptive population.

Yet with these not too attractive particulars it is still a freak crowdless wave generator. It’s surprising the length of Moroccan coast from Taghazout to the Sahara Desert, that’s right, perfect lonely waves breaking along the desert. But I’ll talk about that in another topic.

Almost every flight from Brazil has a long stop at Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque is worth a visit. To get there you need a train and a cab, the place is beautiful and reveals to any person the Muslim culture.

Back to the airport, fled to Agadir in my way to Taghazout in an about one-hour drive. Taghazout is a very touristic place with good waves and less radical Muslims. The La Source hotel lies in front of Killers wave and accommodates very well 4 people or more per apartment in two rooms, living room, kitchen and a balcony.

The official spoken language is Arabic, they look like their fighting while talking because they smile and shout at the same time. Men greet each other with one to four kisses in the cheeks, the quantity varies related to respect, more kisses, more respectful is the guy, of course that doesn’t work for women. If you don’t speak Arabic, many French and a few English is spoken so it’s alright.

There are a lot of surf spots in the region of Taghazout, all can be reached by car and some are hidden in the middle of the road, it’s better having a guide. The wave period starts at September but the constancy is from October to March.

The surf spots are: Killers, Boilers, Slabs, Chambre, Panomara, among others, most of them are point breaks with hedgehogs. Camels beach is where you can find camel rides, a wonderful sunset and a restaurant in the sand.

A typical food in Morocco is the famous tajin that can be from doubtful origin meat or fish and the Moroccan couscous is a lot different, which we know from Brazil.

The North side of Taghazout is about a hour and a half drive, there’s a place called Mswan with fish baked at the time you want it. You can stay in Taghazout and come back and forth. Changing direction, to the South side (4 hour drive from Taghazout) there’s a fabulous place, famous by having the shape of a giant elephant foot (look for it in the guides), it’s in Tiznit and Sidi-ifni area and close from there there’s a spot called Boats, really hard to be found. There are a lot of surf spots southwards that can be found with the help of a good guide.

In my way to Marrakech, a little dangerous place for women, we really needed to walk covering our whole bodies, because on their belief they can touch what they can see, and they really do! When I was leaving the hotel a car keeper spitted on my face because he judged my tip insufficient for the free hotel parking lot! Typical Moroccan treatment to independent women solo travellers that affront their culture, even without trying.

The visit to Djema El Fna is shocking, looks completely different if you go at day then at night. It’s there where you’ll find doped snakes and monkeys to gain attention from tourists and earn some money. The very receptive people throw snakes at the ones who take pictures and don’t leave tips; it’s comic when you walk away, and when you’re there its kind of scary.

Still in Marrakech you can find marketplaces selling cloths, carpets, handicrafts and many souvenirs that are not found in Taghazout.

Hints: Rubber suits, booties, long clothing for woman.
Bottled water.
Buy original Argan oil.

Taghazout hotels: La Source or La Point

Cheapest flight: Iberia

Contact: Alexandre Grilo