Maldives North Atoll – The dream!

Know that dream trip? Yeah, it has a name and it’s called Maldives.

When I went shooting Sol & Sal in the South atolls of Maldives didn’t think twice on stretching a bit more and take a time from the work on that paradisiac place. Everything I want when I’m on vacation is waves pumping and warm water, and there were plus crystal blue water, palm trees, desert islands, girlfriends, boyfriend and his family to make it even more unforgettable.

Eleven days of great surfing, the people who I spoke to said I was lucky, besides the good quality it’s not that constant, but the world conspires in our way (thank God!) and we had eleven days of dream waves. Of course, not everything are flowers and there was a current in the afternoons, and a harsh once in a while to get in and out of Lohis, the spot right in front in the hotel which we surfed almost every single day.

The resort is luxury, the double room has a sky open roof, where you can shower staring the stars and a wonderful tube, which we did not use by lack of time or extreme tiredness, we could have slept there and drowned!

The plan was wake up early, 5AM and surf once without even having breakfast, crowdless. About 9AM, leave the water starving straight to breakfast, where we had thousand of options of bread, cheese and fruit, etc. The only thing that was below my expectations was the box juice, not having fresh natural juices is frustrating to us Brazilians.
Time to relax a bit on the deck watching the waves pumping while we do our digestion and suddenly we are paddling back to the lineup, brunch my favorite plate, fresh fish, then finally the last session of the day.

For who does not surf, the resort has diving, fishing and wonderful massage offers.

At night, beer time! There are few bars along the resort, our favorite one was the located by the pool perfect for relaxing after a stressful day, right? The dinner is a wide miscellaneous buffet, for everyone enjoying.

That island is definitely a DREAM, to surf, recharge, charge, dive, it’s a must go for life, my favorite place in earth.

Hints: bikinis, boardshorts, repellent and a lot of sun block.
Some people might get heat sick or get too spicy so bring medicine for insolation and bellyache.

Resort: Hudhuran Fushi – in front of Lohis or the Pasta Point resort.

Flying company: Emirates or Qatar (Emirates is more comfortable and no surfboard taxes)

Contact: Danilo – Surf travel
E-mail: atendimento2@surftravel.com.br