The idea of going to Iceland started with an improbable project. Five freinds: Elias, Osaná, João, Mineiro and Vitinho were going to helisnow there and has the idea to film it. A double challenge for me: my first documentary and a different environment, from water to snow. Our budget was high, and still two months from the date, but everything conspired for it, on the run and we made it.

The first resistance test was almost 3 days to get to Akureyri region, our final destiny.

Left Rio towards Amsterdam, straight to Norway, where we got to Sandefjord Airport Torp and a 2-hour train to Oslo Airport Gardemoen. There we fled to Reykjavik, icelandic lands still far from our goal. Slept and woke up early to fly to Akureyri, just one more white hour and a half drive to get there. We arrived JB’s farm and the environment couldn’t be better, far from everything, peaceful, silent, comfortable and snow, snow everywhere. They told us we’ve got the best snowfall in 20 years, it was snow till you’re done and the perfect scenario for our documentary.

We had 8 days exploring virgin snow, learning about the risk of avalanches and how to rescue someone, testing gear, flying helis, living together 24 hours a day without anywhere to hide.

We had eyes on the forecast all the time, as we had the hours of flights included in our package, we weren’t intending to burst because it’s an expensive game to play, so the thing was enjoy the right moments of powder snow and sun to seek the best mountains and the best shots, of course.
Between the downhills we had our all included beers and we were all smiles. A hired chef in charge of everything made the also included meals from the main plates to the deserts and recommending always the best wines. A little detail, the nearest market was a hour and half drive, so or you eat or you eat what’s being served. Need to say I got sick? Raw fish here, whale meat there, while I excused the boys eaten everything in range. I was running after chocolate, the only one that could get me satisfied.
In the middle of the trip there was one single day that was impossible to go skiing because of the flat light and awful wind conditions. And you might wonder what happens when five guys get bored of doing nothing, right? You’ve got it, they do loads of sh*t. Before that, they invented a ramp to do some jumps, what handled us some great super slow footage and lots of laughs.
With them everything is fun, the wipeout, the best downhill ever (almost every day), and the best snow ever, the most incredible place in life! In the final, we almost forgotten it was about work, since it was such fun, you can testify this and more by watching the doc Helisnow na Islândia.

• Lots of warm clothing
• Sun block
• Food, like crackers and chocolates (I’m not kidding, for who is finicky like me, it’s essential)
Stay at: http://www.arcticheliskiing.com – talk to J.B.
Flying companies: KLM and Icelandair.